AA Warranty

With a great majority of Fellgate cars sold all over the UK we understand that our customers require the best possible peace of mind. At Fellgate we have teamed up with the AA to ensure that at the time off delivery the car is delivered to you with AA approved Inspection and AA Warranty that can be Extended to upto 3Years and with the option to pay in 12 Interest Free Installments. Should the unforeseen occur AA Warranty comes with 12 months AA Assistance (T&C's apply) and the warranty can be used Nationwide at vat registered service centres.

There are many warranties offered but the AA Warranty we have found to be the closest available to a manufacturers warranty available on a pre owned car.

AA Protect Plus

This Agreement applies to Vehicles which are up to 8 years old and have covered less than 80,000 miles at the Agreement start date.

What is Covered

During the specified period, almost all of the original manufacturer’s mechanical and electrical components are guaranteed against total failure except those listed under exclusions. The full terms and conditions are set out in this Agreement document.

Wear & Tear

All covered components have wear & tear included up to 85,000 miles. After this period, the wear & tear cover will automatically cease - however the rest of Your Agreement remains the same.


Reasonable diagnostic charges form part of a valid claim under this Agreement as agreed with Our claim’s engineers.

Cover Includes: 

  • Parts Replaced In Pairs
  • Coil spring, shock absorber - as part of good engineering practice.
  • Oil Seals
    • Engine, gearbox, differential, turbocharger (or supercharger) causing a major oil leak (dripping oil) requiring immediate replacement to prevent consequential damage (excludes oil staining and oil misting)
  • DPF / Catalytic Converter
    • The DPF / catalytic converter is covered for Mechanical Breakdown (excludes – carbon build up, corrosion, impact damage and regeneration/cleaning of the system)
  • Turbo / Supercharger (Factory fitted)
    • Excludes carbon build up
  • Air Conditioning (Factory fitted)
  • Camshaft Timing Belt
    • Providing there is proof that the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from oil contamination.
  • Casings
    • In the event of a covered item causing damage to a casing, the casing will form part of the Maximum Claim Liability.
  • In-Car Entertainment / Sat Nav / Telephone
    • Unlimited coverage to these components providing the equipment is factory fitted (excludes software updates/reprogramming).
  • Remote Key Fobs / Key Cards
    • Covered to a maximum of £200 including VAT.
  • Battery (excluding Hybrid batteries)

Included for 6 months from the Agreement inception date.

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